Space Diversity Tuner




The wireless tuner WT-5810 is designed to deliver outstanding performance levels, stability and overall reliability. A wide choice of channels realized by the use of the PLL-synthesized oscillator enables you to select channels freely to prevent any interference. In addition, TOA tuners provide significantly less potential for noise caused by changeovers between antennas, by employing true diversity and space diversity methods. A two-line LCD display enables faster meter reading. For further performance enhancement, a TOA diversity system eliminates dead spots and provides more stable signal reception. Noise reduction is improved with a squelch function (carrier, noise, tone), and a compander function minimizes ambient noise pickup. For easier operation, a Channel Check function simplifies channel setting operations on wireless microphones used on multiple channels simultaneously. A low battery indicator monitors and indicates microphone battery voltage status.

Product Features

  • Compact design for shelf-mount applications
  • Scanner function
  • Transmitter battery status display
  • 16 selectable channels
  • TOA Space Diversity reception
  • Front panel:
    • Built-in antennas (2)
    • Output volume control
    • Power switch
    • Channel display and adjust
    • Squelch adjust and bypass
    • LEDs: Antenna A/B, Battery, Peak and Power
  • Rear panel:
    • Outputs: XLR-M (mic) and 1/4″ phone jack (line)
    • Mix-In 1/4″ jack (line)