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Yeastar S20 VoIP PBX





Easy to use. Powerful in Production
Built for Small Business

Yeastar S20 is a stand-alone PBX system with unrivalled range of features for business with less than 20 users. It’s built to be simple to use and powerful in production.

20 Users

10 Concurrent Calls

Up to 4 FXS/FXO/BRI Ports

Up to 1 GSM/3G/4G Channel

20 VoIP Trunks

S50 VoIP PBX Modular Design

Flexible Modular Design

Free Telephony Interfaces Combination
With Yeastar S-Series, all the telephony interfaces are modular and customizable, S20 support 2 onboard module slots to custom FXS, FXO, ISDN BRI, GSM/3G/4G.
Meet S-Series VoIP PBX Modules

Powerful Remote Management

Benefit from a highly secure platform to monitor and manage your PBX system(s) remotely and centrally. Whether you are a phone system end user or a IT reseller, Yeastar Remote Management tool is here to free you from technical headaches and reduce IT & maintenance costs.

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powerful remote management

Secure Access

Remote Configuration

Real-time Monitor

Instant Alert

Robust Feature Set Crafted for Your Business Needs

Complete Built-in FeaturesExtra Capacity with App Center


Complete Built-in Features

From basic call routing, IVR to advanced call conferencing and recording, Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX provides you with all-inclusive features without extra licensing fees.

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